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How to choose a good kitchen hood?

We see kitchen hoods everywhere nowadays. We can’t open a home decoration magazine without paying attention to this fashionable equipment. It seems that a range hood makes the difference between a modern kitchen and an old one. Luxury brands make a lot of money out of their kitchen hoods, but we find very affordable models now. You just need to know how to choose the good one for your money…With the following guide, you’ll be able to evaluate the pros and the cons for each type of range hoods and you’ll discover the real interest of this equipment for your home.

choose the best kitchen hoods

Rainy day

Exterior events: are gazebos your solution?

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy outside events while having a cold beer or cuddling with the person you really love. When the sun is high in the sky and the birds are chirping, these days are the happiest you’ll ever get. When rain decided to ruin the good mood, though, quite a bunch of events have to be canceled! Poor meteorological conditions are a plague that organizers are constantly struggling to mitigate or avoid.

Decorate bathroom

A few ideas to decorate your bathroom

During the course of a lifetime, a human being will spend an average of 3 years in the bathroom, either for his personal hygiene or for private needs. Knowing this statistic, it appears pretty important to spend some time transforming the bathroom into a beautiful and comfortable haven! It is not easy, though, to find the perfect ideas to launch the make-over. If you are looking to improve this important space of your property, here are a few ideas that could spark some creativity into your project!

Air conditioner

A guide for your air conditioner choice

Choosing an air conditioner is not an easy task. With all the different systems on the market, you might have a hard time finding what is the best for you. Window units, split systems, complete central air conditioners… each of them come at a different price tag and with different functionalities.

Laval Parc

Why Laval is draining out families from Montreal

If you live in Quebec province, you might be familiar with the real estate market in Montreal. Most families dream about building a house for their family, having a backyard, owning a big fluffy dog… except for Montreal people, which simply do not have enough money to afford such a dream. The situation has only gotten worse in the last few years, with several reports (including one from the prestigious Demographia institute) mentioning that the metropolis is severely unaffordable for most families.

Eco-friendly bathroom

Tips for improving your bathroom lighting

Most of us will spend at least one hour per day in the bathroom during our lives: over the course of one’s life, this means close to three years! This means that some people will waste those three years in a dark, crowded bathroom that exudes discomfort. It may indeed be expensive to make a complete makeover once a home is already built; renovating a bathroom to increase luminosity, however, isn’t that costly. The effect, on the other hand, will be immedrdiiate: you will feel better when you try to wake up every morning. Need a few tips to successfully complete this task? Here are a few of them that you could use.

self-cleaning toilets

Why should you use paperless toilets at home?

Toilet paper has always been a big issue in human everyday life. I guess you know it, toilet paper never does things right, there is always something going wrong with it. Toilet paper is responsible for many troubles when you are in the restroom: it may be the shortage, it may be the thin material or it also may be the rough material. Moreover did you know that toilet paper is responsible for a huge part in the destruction of the virgin forest? Japanese have been using paperless toilets for many decades, since they were able to create their famous “Washlets”, the self-cleaning toilets. So in most of the cases, paperless toilets are also self-cleaning toilets. Why should you contemplate buying one of those fancy self-cleaning and paperless devices?